UCMACS ABACUS has been established in 2003.In short period of time  UCMACS ABACUS has gained universal appeal between the students, parents and schools in India.

UCMACS ABACUS with its innovative program of Mental Arithmetic concept is dedicated to transmit the concept of Abacus & Mental Arithmetic calculation to children to explore, learn, unleash, speed up and strengthen the secreted ability basing on the enhanced Chinese Abacus System of Education.

UCMACS ABACUS has gained wide popularity among the children and parents world over, because of its unique advanced syllabus and play way method of teaching, coaching and training in a children friendly technique and style.

UCMACS ABACUS devotes for teaching of children in examination of the creature talents by educating on Right Brain enhanced on worldwide Standard.

UCMACS ABACUS determines to become world Leader in youth’s advancement by teaching and training Right Brain Development on worldwide Standard.

The main objective is to explore the talents secreted in new generation and make them to shine in all their activities for their bright future.

Steered by a leadership with vision, UCMACS ABACUS has set new benchmarks for the industry and is increasingly becoming popular across world.

Our Mission:

Set benchmarks in teaching to expand brain skills of young children and help bringing out hidden talent in them to build a promising future of the world community.

Our Vision:

To create a niche & leadership position and grow in size steadily to attain 1000 branches by the year 2025