Abacus is a simple tool or a hardware used for performing rapid arithmetic calculations. Calculations based on abacus was invented at ancient times and now widely used a brain development program. It consists of a rectangular frame holding a number of vertically arranged rods, on which beads slides up and down.

  • One of the most popular calculating method from ancient times.
  • Children do fast calculations in mind by visualizing Abacus bead movements.
  • Researches proves that Abacus learners uses both sides of the brain- left hemisphere & right hemisphere.
  • Highly effective in improving the concentration level of children.

What is Mental Arithmetic ?

  • ‘Mental Arithmetic’ is a term used in Abacus for the calculations done in mind.
  • Even big numbers can be calculated in mind, that too within a minutes.
  • ‘Mental arithmetic’ improves student’s imagination skills
  • Effective in cracking competitive time based tests.
  • Mind calculation enhances the concentration level of student.

Parts of Abacus

  • The boundary on all 4 sides of the abacus is called the Frame.
  • The abacus which we are using has 17 rods. Each rod has 5 beads.
  • The abacus is divided into the upper and the lower part by a horizontal bar called the Beam.
  • The beads in the lower part are the Lower Beads or the Earth Beads.
  • The beads in the upper part are the Upper Beads or the Heaven Beads.

What are the advantages of Abacus ?

  • Mental arithmetic Calculations
  • Improves Concentration skills
  • Improves imagination skills
  • Sharpen memory power
  • Boost confidence
  • Personality Development

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